The Menís group aims to provide an opportunity for the men of the church to socialize and develop relationships in a Christian setting. Realizing that male leadership in family and church is vital, the group addresses ways of developing and strengthening skills in this area. These goals are tackled through regular breakfast meetings supplemented by special functions like camps, guest speakers and specific issue forums which will appear in here when planned.

Dennis Matthews - Group Coordinator   Ph. 5023 2723
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Programme for 2017:

  • Weekend Menís Camp. To be announced.

  • Evening sessions on specific issues especially relevant to men to be announced.

  • Fortnightly breakfasts as outlined above.

Photos from Events at the Men's Meetings in the past

Mayor Glen Milne and Steve Grace
Men and their cars and motorcycles

Steve Grace at the mens meeting and concert
Men and their motorcycles

Steve Grace and Patrick at the mens meeting and concert
Steve and Peter at the mens meeting and concert

Steve Grace and Dennis at the mens meeting and concert.
Peter and friend at the mens meeting and concert

Men at church working or at least holding a broom
Baptism at the river